What is Morocco known for?

As we are a tour company in Marrakech specialized in morocco desert tours many people throughout the year ask what is Morocco famous for or give us some reasons to visit Morocco and for that purpose we have already written a detailed Moroccan travel guide. Also for those who are interested in visiting Marrakech should read our blog post on Things to do in Marrakech. But Today we combined a list of specific things which Morocco is known for. Although as natives of Morocco we can combine a list of hundreds of things which you can find in Morocco but in this article we combined Marrakech desert trips’ most popular topics about morocco and tried to explain it in a simple and brief manner. So, without further a do let’s see what is Morocco Known for?

Rich History and Magnificent Monuments:

One of the dominant things by which morocco is known for is its rich history and Magnificent monuments. Talking about the recent history than the region was conquered by the Muslims in the 7th century AD but it was Phoenicians who penetrated the western Mediterranean before the 8th century BCE. Till this day you will find the footprint of Phoenicians and Romans in the form of Monuments in Morocco.

Talking about the Monuments there are several famous monuments in almost every city of Morocco. But the cities which are particular famous are Meknes, Fez and El jadida. Some famous one are Prison de kara of Meknes, Bab bi al-Jounoud also known as Blue gate is the main gate of the Old city of Fez,Bab el Mrissa which is the largest and oldest gate of morocco and can be found in the city of Sale.

Most dominant history of Morocco is of Arabs and after they conquered the region back in 7th century A.D they build number of historical buildings in Morocco. Till this date you will find number of powerful monuments in this region and you would be amazed to see how powerful the Arab civilization would be at that time. Apart from Arab you will find the footprints of European and French civilizations also specially in the city of Casablanca and Rabat where you can find the number of buildings build on European and French model. Talking about Casablanca, if you go there must go to Hassan II Mosque which is the largest function mosque of Africa.

Food Diversity:

Morocco is also known for its diverse delicious foods offered in its different cities. Apart from famous Beef Tagine Morocco offer delicious cooked vegetables, salads, meat with delicious spices and number of mouthwatering soups. Talking about cities then every city of Morocco offers something unique to eat like Essaouira is famous for its Sea food you can catch some fresh seafood from the port of Essaouira. They will catch the fish live In front of you can you can ask them to fry it and eat at the spot.

The best thing about Moroccan food is that it is cheap and delicious. You will find many restaurants and Cafes which offers you very good food at very reasonable price. Finally if you want to learn how to cook the Moroccan food at your home than you will find many cooking classes in every city particularly in Marrakech where they will teach you how to cook Moroccan food and most importantly which spices to use because they use some special spice which gives the Moroccan food a unique taste.

Morocco is also famous for their tasty breakfast like mint tea, goat cheese cake, marinated olives etc. Finally, the best food which is the national food of Morocco is tagine which you will hear a lot once you come to morocco. Do, try it because besides taste it is very healthy too. If you wanted to learn tagine then do not forget to buy some good tagine pot from the medina. You can only cook it in that pot. The best part about that pot is that it gives a specially smell and flavor to tagine and preserve essential vitamins in the food also it helps not to overcook the tagine. Before buying tagine make sure to tell the seller that you need to buy tagine pot because there are many other pots you will find in the market so its best to tell the seller about your purpose.

Medinas of Morocco:

Medina is just an old part of the city which can be found in almost every city of Morocco. This part is often walled and contains narrow streets, mosques, dead ends, and sometimes fountains also. The place is usually crowded with locals and you will find number of cheap hotels and riads in that area. We always recommend our customers to see Medina if you wanted to experience the culture of Morocco first hand. Fes, Marrakech, Essaouira, Tangier are few cities of morocco where you should explore their medina and see how locals live there. See the heavy goods transferred on mules and donkeys even on Cows.

Camel Ride Sand Dunes and Quad Biking:

Camel riding is the best thing you could ask for in morocco. Specially if you visit Marrakech than must experience a Camel riding in the palmearie. You may wonder what Palmeraie is? Actually, it is an oasis of palm trees situated just outside of Marrakech and riding camel there feel like a king or Omer sheriff from Lawrence of Arabia.

You will also find number of Sand dunes in the deserts of Morocco specially in Sahara where you will find some tallest sand dunes of North Africa. You can do sand skating on that and beside Camel riding and Sand Skating there is another activity which is very popular that is Quad biking. If you wish know more about quad biking in your next morocco tour Click here to know more. We provide Automatic self-drive quad bike experience in Marrakech which you should not miss.

The Staggering Atlas Mountains:

Another this which Morocco is known for is its great mountain ranges special the Atlas Mountains range which divides Mediterranean and Atlantic coast lines from the Sahara Desert. The special thing about the Atlas mountain or the Great Atlas is that is highest peak Toubkal falls in South of Morocco. The height of the Toubkal is about 4100 meters (13451 feet). So, if you are a professional mountain climber than you must visit morocco and conquer this peek.

If you are not a mountain climber than do not worry because still you can explore a lot in Atlas Mountain like there are many villages in the Atlas mountain where you can see how these people live and can experience their culture first hand. Also, if you want to go further than join Our Day Trip to Atlas Mountain where you will be served with delicious tagine in the Berber family house. This is the best way to see how they live, what are their day to day chores and what are their source of earnings etc.

Variety of Beaches:

Morocco is a home of incredible beaches. There are beaches for surfers, kite flyers, picnic lovers, sea food enthusiast, Camel riding or even quad biking. Also, if you want to spend some quality time with your loved ones than you can go to Agadir or Tangier has some best quite beaches. The beach of Asilah is also a good option for young couples because the beach usually opens in summers and the place is not that much crowded although the service in the area is minimal but it’s a good place to spend some quality time. There is another popular white sand beach located in the town of Martil where you can go to relax in the view of Green mountains and can swim in warm water in off season you can do horse riding and camel riding at that place. Finally, if you wanted to encounter a wild beach than go to Tamara plage which is located about just 15 km away from the capital of the country Rabat. As it is a wild beach so swimming here can be dangerous.

Ski Resorts of Morocco:

Morocco also offer very good skiing opportunities. The biggest ski resort is Oukaïmeden ski resort in the Atlas Mountains just near Toubkal. If you are in Marrakech than you need to travel around 75-80 km to reach this resort. It offers 10 kilometers of slopes which is the highest in Morocco. Apart from Oukaimeden you can find also find many other good skiing resorts in morocco like Ifrane which is a city in Middle Atlas area of Morocco and built in French era. Just outside of Ifrane you will find Jebel Mischliffen. Jebel Mischliffen was built back in 1950’s and it is good for amateurs because they offer short slopes. But if you are an expert and wanted to explore other ski resort besides Oukaimeden than go to Tazaghart which is also in the Atlas Mountains.

Recently heli skiing is becoming very popular in Morocco where skiers reach at the top of the mountain by helicopter and then they dropped down so they can ski down to the summit. This is only for experts and no new skiers are allowed to heli skiing.

Unique Culture of Morocco:

When you come to morocco then you will find yourself in a completely new culture specially if you are from Europe or from US. Morocco is an Islamic country and the dominant culture over there is Islam and you must have to embrace and respect their culture. The way they dress, their foods, they everyday norms, their language etc. Overall, the morocco culture is known for its friendliness so do not worry about anything they are very helpful and friendly. If you come to their Sacred month which is Ramadan than you will see a completely different morocco. Ramadan is a sacred month for Muslims all over the world where you have to fast from Dawn to Dusk. In Ramadan most of the Cafes and restraunts would be closed and open after the sunset. After the last day of Ramadan, they celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr which is the day of celebration after the Ramadan and on that day people just eat, enjoy life, travel and meet relatives. Another big Festival is Eid-ul- Adha where people sacrifice animals like sheep, Cow, camel for the willingness of God. In both Eid’s people give food, charity, clothes to poor people and help the underprivileged as much as they can. Talking about banning than Alcohol is banned and illegal in Morocco but you could find Alcohol in more progressive cities like Marrakech and Agadir. Finally, if we talk about dress code of morocco then you can wear pretty much anything but do not show a lot of your skin specially if you are a woman.

World’s First University:

Yes, you have heard it right Morocco is the home to the worlds first university of Al karaouine which is located in Fez. It is founded as a mosque back in 859 AC by the intellectual women named Fatima Al Fihria. The aim of Fatima was to give local an access to science and technology and religious studies. It is still operating today and listed in UNESCO and Guinness Book of World Records as an oldest university of the world. It changes it status from Madrassa to university after the world war II by the Europeans in 1963. Plethora of Morocco’s famous philosophers, politicians, businessman and scholars are the alumni of this Institute.

Hammams of Morocco:

Morocco also offers different ways to relax and chill whether it is by chilling at beach, riding a camel, desert camping or by massaging at Hammams. Hammam is actually a steam room where people go for a bath of steam to relax and cleansing. Not every Hammam offer massage and they also varied from cheap to luxurious. In a luxury Hammams they use Aragon oil, rose petals and clay to deeply cleanse every pore of your body. After about an hour you will feel relaxed and refresh like never before. Besides refreshing there are many other benefits of taking Hammam like it helps to boost your immune system, reduces soreness in muscles, balance the blood flow in your body and many more. Although we stated that there are expensive Hammams but they are not that much expensive when compared to traditional Spa and massage Centre so do not worry about the money and must try Moroccan Hammams on your next visit to morocco.

Experience Berber Culture

Berbers can be found throughout the morocco and their culture is very unique and interesting. Both men and women of Berber wear colorful dresses and display their culture proudly. You will find them wearing specific ruffian hats. They usually marry and look up for a partner in their annual festival “moussem” in the Center of Atlas Mountains at Imilchil in the end of September. Finally, if you like to know more about their culture them, we recommend to go Al-hoceima which is known as the capital of Northern Berbers. You will find many modern resorts in the town operating by the Berbers.

The Astonishing Sahara Desert:

The Sahara Desert is one of the top reasons which morocco is known for. Many travelers throughout the year just come to morocco to Visit the Orange desert. The desert is equipped with full of mysteries and morocco welcomes travelers to explore the Sahara. From gigantic Orange Sand dunes to Different species of Wild Plants and Animals Sahara Desert offers many things to explore. It is also the mecca for photographers and many award-winning photos were taken in Sahara Desert. Many tourists first land in Marrakech or Fes and then book their itinerary to Sahara Desert. You can not see the whole Sahara Desert in a day so day trip to Sahara will not be a good option. You have to spare a minimum of 3 Days to experience the Desert tour. You can book 3 days desert tour from FES to Marrakech where we tailored Private fes to Marrakech desert tour for our customers.

Hidden treasures of Morocco:

As we have already mentioned above that morocco is known for its Medinas but did not tell you that there are bunch of other things besides pottery and Tagine pots which you can buy from Medina or from other big shopping malls of morocco. Like there are world class handicrafts, leather goods, rugs and most importantly jewelry which is Morocco’s best selling from several years because all these things are of hand made which make it different from others. The craftsmen who made these products with bare hands are experts in their fields and often there are families associated with these businesses which transfer the skill from generation after generation. When you go to Medina one tip which might be helpful to you is avoid hiring guide and shop all the things by yourself because guide often charge with both the parties that is from you and the seller and often made the hefty commission on your purchase. Go to sellers all by yourself and they are often very helpful and give you what you need.