Why Visit Morocco

Visiting Morocco can be daunting at first, however, once you make your first step into the country, you instantly fall in love with it. Morocco is genuinely a magical and phenomenal country that you cannot help but be drawn towards it. It is the meeting point of Africa and Europe and mixed through time with the Roman, Arab, Spanish, French, and many other cultures; all of these civilizations shaped Morocco to be the magical country it has become.


Getting lost in the Medinas of Morocco:

Almost everyone would agree that the Medinas are the beating heart of each Moroccan city. Each Medina has a part which is inhabited by the locals. The houses in this part of the Medina are usually traditional and have a unique old Moroccan architecture. The other part of the Medina serves as a shopping center and a food market for the locals (Souk). You will find everything that is particular to the Moroccan traditions and cultures in the Souks, from traditional clothes to organic veggies and fruits coming straight from nearby farms.

As I stroll down the twisting maze-like Medina streets, passing by restaurants, shops, and homes which stand in line one next the other, I wondered how is it possible for these very old buildings to resist time and still be standing.

Because I am a person who loves to get lost and does not abide by any map, the Medinas fulfilled my curiosity to discover new places on my own. I enjoyed the feeling of trying to figure out my way and following my hunch, only to find myself lost all over again! I spent hours trying to solve the maze and find an exist, while seizing the opportunity to have more mint tea and pastries at local café shops.

Enjoying the beach and seafood of Taghazout:

My Favorite beach town in Morocco, Taghazout, is located a few minutes from Agadir on the Atlantic coast. This town is a famous hub for surfers and beach lovers. Tourists love Taghazout for its year-long sunny warm weather and great seafood restaurants. I always make sure to spend as much time as possible in Taghazout to destress and let out the negative accumulated energy. I also love this town for its great seafood. I like to buy my fish from the nearby fish market, where I can get it for a good bargain from the fishermen who try to sell their day’s catch. Afterward, I take my fish to a local restaurant overlooking the ocean where they grill it and serve it with drinks, bread, salad, and tea.

Eating loads of Moroccan food:

The food scene in Morocco is one of the best in the world and it is the star of North Africa. The Moroccan cuisine is so rich and diverse due to the influence of the Arab, Berber, Moorish, French and Spanish civilization, along with many other cultures.

By the end of my Moroccan tour, I had had a couscous and Tajin overdose. What I love most about these two dishes is that they taste different and better every time. The way the southerners cook it differs from that of northerners, and this adds a richness in flavors to these dishes in a way that you never get bored of eating them every day. I loved savoring the flavors and tasting the regional variety, but most importantly, I appreciated the efforts and time that were put into every dish.

Drinking mint tea:

Mint tea, or The Moroccan whiskey, is Morocco’s national symbol. You can never have too much tea and Moroccans will not stop pouring more tea into your cup, even if your cup is not empty yet.

Not every cup is a tea cup material. Moroccans are very precise and picky when it comes to which glass cup should be introduced to the tea set. I should also add that Moroccans have a unique way of pouring tea: the higher the distance between the teapot and the glass, the better. Moroccans are also very generous with their sugar in their tea, so if you do not like your tea too sweet, make sure you ask for less sugar.

Staying at riads:

Whenever I am in Morocco, I make sure that I stay at Riads and not at typical hotels, because I know that no hotel will compete with Morocco’s Riads. Seeing Pinterest pictures of Riads might give you the illusion that they are expensive and not suited for small budget travelers, but that is not true. Riads in morocco can suit any budget. There are cheap and very nice Riads, or luxurious and fancy ones.

Among my best memories in Morocco are those spent in Riads. Whenever I come to Marrakech or Fes, I make sure that I stay at a classical Riad in the middle of the ancient Medina. Its by far the best way to immerse yourself in the magical Moroccan mood and to really enjoy the exotic part of the country. It is also in the Riads where you make your own 1001-nights tales, inside a sophisticated design and intricate architecture.

The word “Riad” means “enclosed garden” in Arabic, but has developed over time to become a representation of sophistication, class, and elegancy. The serenity of the Riad offers the perfect refuge after a long hectic day in the busy median.

Visit the Mighty Sahara Desert:

Sahara Desert is the Star attraction of Morocco. It is the largest hot desert of planet Earth. You can book Sahara Desert tours in the very affordable prices like from $90 to $350 depending upon days and places. Just visit our private Morocco desert tours page for more details and compare different tours.

If you never visited Sahara before than be prepare yourself for intense heat. In summers the temperature can rise up-to 50 degree Celsius. There good this is the there is low humidity in Sahara but still the heat would be intense. We always recommend to bring Sunscreen and hat to combat with heat of Sahara. Despite of scorching heat Sahara is becoming popular year after year among travelers because of its beauty and Vastness. You will love the view of Sunset in the orange Sand. Enjoy Camel riding and quad biking in the desert to feel the real essence of Sahara. You can even to Sand surfing on the dunes because there are some biggest Sand dunes in Sahara. Explore wild life and different plant species in Sahara and take bunch of photos to increase your social followers. Finally, the night of Sahara Desert is so calm and beautiful where you will get to see the full clear sky with thousands of stars clustering upon each other.

We also offer bunch of different desert tours in Morocco specially in Sahara. If you want to know more about Camel riding, Quad biking or even for luxury desert camping feel free to visit https://www.marrakech-desert-trips.com/ and contact us for any query. We would be very happy to answer your queries.

Mountain Ranges:

Most people think morocco is known for its desert, beaches and historical sites but it has a lot to offer like it is also known for its diverse geography and it include Morocco’s stunning Mountain ranges. Morocco has basically two main Ranges first is Rif Mountain which is located at the north and other one which cover the middle of the country is Atlas Mountain.

You can explore these ranges in Car and enjoy the beautiful ranges, their colors, bumpy cliffs and meanwhile you can explore the cultural of mountain by visiting the villages over the mountain like imlil in the Atlas and Chefchaouen in the Rif Moutnains, you can even find good hotels there to stay.

Finally, a word of caution, before going at the mountains be sure that you can bear the mountain voyage because the path is almost like spiral and very steep.

If you want to have a hassle free trip to Atlas mountains than just visit https://www.marrakech-desert-trips.com/tours/atlas-mountains-day-trip/ and book your Altas Mountain tour now.

Moroccan Beaches:

One of the most popular things to do in Morocco is relaxing at the beaches. Morocco has some best beaches in almost every city and gives you a chance to do sunbathing, kite-flying, swimming, surfing and even some beaches offers horse riding and quad biking also. Apart from the beach of Taghazout Some beaches like the Beaches in Essaouira offers some really good seafood which you should must try. They capture fish and lobsters and crabs Infront of your eyes from the sea. So, experience fresh seafood on the beaches of Morocco. If you are not a crowd lover a wanted to spend some quality of time with friends and family than there is a place called Plage-Blanche which is a beach in the center of an ecological park which is a little away from crowd and the best thing about plage blanche is that you could cash some wildlife there. One thing which women should take care is of dress code. There are very tight rules on dress code in Morocco because of Islamic Culture, so wear full body swim suits.

Country full of Colors:

There is no doubt that Morocco is the country full of colors. Wether its a city like Chefchaouen which is known as a blue city or its desert which is full orange sand. You will find many houses in different cities painted in blue, green and red and even in Yellow color. Also, the food is full of vibrant colors thanks to Moroccan colorful spices and veggies.

Cats, Cats and Cats:

Yes, you heard it right! There are cats in every city, town and in streets of morocco. You will find cats at town squares, at shrines and other tourist places, at hotel lobbies and even deep inside the Medina resting at walls, motorbikes and on Cars. So, if you love cats do visit morocco and experience the presence of hundreds of cats firsthand.

Stunning Architectures:

The historical buildings, railways structures, mosques, airport are some of the examples of the amazing structure of Morocco. Even the complex Medina of morocco is the architecture genius. Some building in Muhmmad square V is the modern Architectural gem. Also, the famous Hassan II Mosque which is located in Casablanca is the largest mosque of Africa and build over the Sea. The Mosque is so stunning that you should and we recommend that you should must visit this mosque once in your life. Apart from modern structures there are many historical structures like Kasbah which is a conventional house mainly build inside the kasar.

These kinds of ancient homes can be found in Berber village which lies at the foothill of Atlas Mountains. Many modern Moroccan buildings used Berber architecture and materials in their construction.

Some amazing souvenirs worth buying:

Morocco is known for its souvenirs like handicrafts, lanterns, pottery etc. You may not purchase souvenirs before but in Morocco you will definitely buy some because it would remind you of your trip to Morocco. One of the best souvenirs are the fossils of Sahara Desert. Do not forget to buy snail shells and roses of desert sold by the Berber people in the desert. These people are usually very poor and this is their only way of earning so, if you buy from these Berbers it will help them to run their day to day affairs. if you choose a 4 day Marrakech to Merzouga desert tour, you will have enough time to hunt for rare fossils in Rissani and Erfoud.

Enjoy Hoteling:

You will find some amazing hotels in Morocco from cheap to luxurious one. Hotel industry in booming in morocco as it is directly link to travelling industry and we know that morocco is known for its tourism. According to reports Marrakech which is the top tourist destination has over 3 million hotel stays.

Most of the hotels in Morocco gives you good and timely service. Some of the good ones offer you a royal atmosphere. Also, many hotels have an attach terrace where you can enjoy your breakfast with mint tea.

Unique Moroccan Potteries:

Morocco offers some unique potteries like Tagine pot. Tagine is the famous local dish of morocco and it is served in a unique and beautiful pot known as Tagine pot. There are many hotels in morocco where you can join a cooking class and learn local Moroccan dishes, specially Tagine and take home this Tagine pot and cook the Tagine at home by yourself. Before buying Tagine pot, be sure to tell the shopkeeper that you want Tagine pot for cooking because you will find number of colorful pots but not every pot is for cooking. Apart from Tagine pot there are many other unique potteries worth buying. Just visit the Medina of the city you are in and you will find the best potteries of that city.

Hub of Photographers:

Finally, the most important point on Why you would visit morocco is because it is a Mecca of Photographers. If you are a professional photographer then you should visit Morocco otherwise you will miss a great opportunity to win an IPA (International Photography Award)! Anyways, if you are not a professional photographer then it does not mean that you should not visit morocco because nowadays everyone wants to show their followers and friends some unique and good things on their social handles and for morocco will provide you some great opportunity for this purpose.

Moreover, Moroccans are very friendly they would not mind if you ask them for a photo. Just be careful in some crowded places like in Medina where you have to protect your gears from pickpockets. There are many places in Morocco where you can get some really good clicks like Casablanca, Essaouira or in Marrakech where you can find some very colorful parks, building and cafes but the best one can be clicked in Sahara Desert. It will provide you some ample opportunities to click the best photo of your life. You can also capture the historical monument in Agadir, Marrakech, Fes and in almost every city of morocco. You can also capture some very good click on the Ait Ben Haddou which is declared as the national world heritage site by UNESCO. Also do not forget to take pictures of the Atlas Studio in Ouarzazate where the popular show “Game of Thrones” was filmed.

Hope this list convened you enough to book your next trip to Morocco.