Things to do in Marrakech

Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco and is considered Africa’s first Cultural hub. The City is known for its fast pace and chaotic nature because when you enter the Medina of Marrakech, you will be surrounded by several sellers and street performers who can overwhelm you at first. Still, you will be used to it in a couple of hours because they are very friendly and cooperative. You will learn some new words like “Balik” on your first arrival, which means move aside. The animal is coming, and the animal is usually the donkey. In short, when you arrive in Marrakech and find some accommodation in Riad or a hotel, the first thing you would think is what to do in this busy place.

This guide will show you the list of things to do in Marrakech. Whether it’s paid or even free, enjoy your Marrakech tours, but be sure to read this detailed guide before visiting Marrakech to have a plan of action to implement.

Explore the Streets of Medina

Medina is the old part of Marrakech. So you can also be called the Medina, the ancient city within Marrakech. It is surrounded by almost 20 Kilometers of walls built around mid of 1100. Now, if you enjoy adventure and want to have a little fun, then we recommend just exploring the streets of Medina and getting lost within those streets and, after a couple of hours, finding your way back to Riad or hotel through Google maps. It was a fun thing to do, and by doing that, you will meet a lot of new people and experience the Moroccan culture firsthand.

I recommend exploring it after the Sunset or early in the morning. When you can explore it thoroughly, those are the times, and the streets would be less crowded.

Jardin Majorelle

The French artist created it in 1923. The wonderful garden is more than 12 acres with several different species of birds living there. You will love to see the Cactus plants and the number of fountains in this garden.

At this place, phones and cameras are allowed so that you can post them on your social media accounts. We recommend arriving early at that place so you can take photos without any interruption.

Musée Yves Saint Laurent

Just besides Jardin Majorelle, you can find this Museum. Created by the same French artist and it was built in 2017 in honor of Musee Yves, you will find the best art pieces and artwork of Yves in the Museum. Do watch the love gallery in the Museum, where you will find out several posters that artists send down to their friends, family member, and other loved ones for the last 35 years of their life.

Bahia Palace

It is a palace built in the late 1860s with a vision to create an Islamic and Moroccan style Ornament. This Palace has more than 100 rooms built with Marble and painted in bright colors. Gardens are known as a powerful symbol in Muslim culture because of Heaven.

So, there are many gardens in the Palace equipped with beautiful paintings, fountains, and Trees. Speaking of trees, There are different types of trees in those gardens. You will find Jasmine trees, Banana trees, Orange trees, Apple and Avocado trees, etc. So, we recommend visiting the Bahia palace during the day and enjoying the shades of trees and escaping the heat of Marrakech.

La Maison de la Photographie

All your trip to Marrakech would be Fruitless if you did not visit the La Maison de la Photographie, located just across Medersa Ben Youssef. Initially, it is a Raid which was converted into a photographic Gallery in 2009 by Patrick Man’ach and his business partner Hamid Megrani. So naturally, you would love to see the morocco culture and art from the 1850s in the form of photos, and you would be astonished to see that most of the culture remains the same to this date. The entrance fee is around 40 Dirhams, details about the photographers included.

Riad Yima Tea Room

Famous morocco artist and Photographer Hassan Hajjaj, also known as Andy Warhol of Marrakech, created this boutique, tea room, and gallery. This place is known for its upcycled art. Upcycled art is the process of creating something of value from waste. And in this Place, you will find a plethora of these uncycled pop art. Those who are art lovers and love to see creations of Hassan should visit this place.

Unwind Yourself in Hammam

Hammam is a cleanroom or bath where people go and take a shower and refresh their-selves. In Marrakech, you will find several Hammams where you can relax and get massaged with their traditional Aragon oil and Black soup known as Savion Noire. That is the awesome thing to do in Marrakech if you want to refresh and get a mental escape from busy city life.

Taste the Mint Tea in City Square

Jemaa el-Fnaa, known as the center of Marrakech, is the best place to go and enjoy Mint tea on the hotel top, as most of the hotels in the city square are on the upper floors. We recommend ordering mint tea and seeing the endless hustle below. Watching the chaotic life of Marrakech and hearing the annoying sound of Motorcycles is the best thing to see in Marrakech.

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The trick to Discover City Gems

Now, If we have to tell you honestly, no one can show you the true colors of Marrakech than the one who lives there; yes, we are talking about Locals. We highly recommend pairing with locals and telling them to show you the hidden jewels. Learning from someone born and raised in Marrakech is much more effective than reading any online guide. If you want to hire a local guide, feel free to contact us

Souk Semmarine

As Marrakech is known for its Markets, if you want to show anything from clothes, antiques, foods, spices, rugs, pottery, and leather goods, you must visit Souk Semmarine. Anyone who wants to experience the authentic Moroccan culture and wants to bargain with locals, then you should see and shop in this place. Remember to Negotiate as hard as possible because Moroccans are champions in bargaining.

Enroll in a Cooking Class

When someone goes to a new country, do you know what the first thing they want to try is? Yes, they will seek Local cuisine. So, when you come to Marrakech, do not forget to taste the local Moroccan cuisine like Tagine, B’stilla, Grilled Vegetable, FISH chermoula, etc. In addition, when you enroll in any cooking class, you will be exposed to several local spices, and you will learn about the history of Moroccan food.

See Brilliant Almoravid Koubba

This is the small monument in Marrakech, built back in the 12th century and named Almoravid Koubba after the Almoravid Dynasty. It was just recently rediscovered back in the 1940s, and till now, it is considered the oldest monument in Marrakech. Do visit this monument and see the tomb’s interior, which is unique and classy.

Visit Le Jardin Secret ( The secret garden)

Marrakech is a treasure to explore. There are so much to things to experience in Marrakech. Le Jardin has situated about 5 km from Majorelle Garden. Le Jardin Secret, also known as the secret garden or JLS, has an ancient history, build-in in the 19th century during the era of the emperor Sultan. The park was abandoned in the 1930s but restored in 2008, and just a few years back, in 2016, it was reopened to the public.

This Palace also has multiple Gardens full of trees and fountains, and as this Palace represents an Islamic culture, Gardening is part of Islamic art because of the concept of Heaven.

Learn Arabic

This one is for those who want to learn new languages. As the national language of Morocco is Arabic, it is the perfect place to learn Arabic. Although you cannot discover the whole language in a short span, if you know phrases like “Shukran,” thank you Merhaba (hello), etc. If you want to learn deep Arabic, then book yourself in some Arabic class. Most of the courses have 30 courses in a week, and in 2 weeks you will learn a lot of Arabic.

Charms of City at Night

Marrakech is a city full of colors, and its colors are not limited to daylight. At night Marrakech Pour amazingly different Colors. Also, people from Europe, America and other Cold countries found Marrakech very hot. For them, it is very suitable to see the Charms of Marrakech at Night. Street foods, restaurants, and street performers are more active than daily. The city’s main square, Jemaa el-Fnaa, is decorated with Lights and shows you a completely different view than a day. Mosques like Koutoubia illuminated in full swing at night. We recommend not to miss those sights and take as many pictures as possible for your Instagram Stories.

Souk Place des Épices

Moroccan dishes are famous for their rich taste, and most of the taste and flavor come from their spices. Place des Epices is the market where you will find several sellers selling dozens of herbs. The market is open-air, and you would be amazed to see the colorful spices. If you are a foodie and love to make Moroccan food at home, then this is the place you should visit on your next visit to Marrakech.

Dar El Bacha Musée des Confluences

This is the home of the former general of Marrakech Thami El Glaoui. He was given the title of Pasha of Marrakech in 1912 by Sultan Moulay Yousaf. This is one of the best constructions in Medina. You would be amazed to see the detailing and amount of work done on this Palace. There are some temporary exhibits exits in this Palace to highlight the culture of Morocco. The best part of this place is the bacha coffee house located in the Palace offered the best variety of coffee.

Try your Luck in Casino de Marrakech

Yes, Casino! You may think that Morocco is an Islamic State, and Betting is usually not allowed in an Islamic state, but as we said that Marrakech offers much more than you think. Whether you like gambling or not, you will enjoy Casino de Marrakech because it is not a usual Casino but offers much more than Cards and slot Machines. This is a high-end casino and Pretty much expensive.

Enjoy Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you are on a honeymoon or with your couple and even if you are with your family, this is the best thing to do in Marrakech. Witnessing the whole landscape from a hot air balloon is a treat and a lifetime experience.

The view of Bright Green gardens, Dry and sandy deserts is the view you will never forget. Moreover, you will clearly distinguish between rural and urban areas from the top. Best to wake up early and see the sunrise in that balloon. So, if you want to get an unforgettable experience, do not forget to take the Air Balloon Ride.

Ride a Camel

This one is the most common yet best thing to do in Marrakech. Camel is the most common way of transportation in the Desert. Especially If you are with your kids, this is the best thing to do. You can ride a camel in the Palmeraie. You may wonder what the hell Palmeraie even means? It is the place in the city’s north, just outside of Marrakech, where thousands of palm trees are planted. At least for 8 km, you will only see palm trees. You would feel like a prince of Persia or Omar Sherif from Lawrence of Arabia by riding camels there. You can book Your Marrakech camel ride here.

Saadian Tombs

The historic Royal necropolis tombs of Marrakech are one of a kind. The place is the shrine of Sultan Ahmed and the member’s close friends and family members. In short Saadi dynasty, who ruled Morocco from the period between 1554-1659 buried there.

There is a fee to enter the Saadian tombs, about 10 Moroccan dirhams. About a dollar, and when you enter the monuments, you will find a certain calmness would be amazed to see red-colored walls with intense bright colors of Graves around you. Although there is nothing that much to see here, as it is located in the same area as Bahia palace, it is worth stopping by and visiting the tombs.

Visit the Tanneries

You would find these Tanneries around the North of the Medina in Bab Debbagh. These tanneries are known for making leather goods from animals’ skin (Mostly Goat and sheep). Many people who worked there are locals, and we tell you beforehand that the smell of this place is awful. But the locals are used to it because they have been working there for generations, so it is easy for them to work there. But if someone new visited there, he would probably have a hard time there.

We recommend going there early in the morning and witnessing the making of leather goods from the top of the local shop.

Anima Garden

Andre Heller built Anima Garden. Most of you may not know him, but he is quite a famous personality in German countries. In 2006, with the help of his partner, he made this park, and you will find his artwork throughout this park. You will also find several paintings of different artists like Rodin, Picasso, Keith Haring, etc.

Spending time in a lush greenery garden in the shadow of the Atlas Mountains is the best way to spend a day in Marrakech. Finally, If you want to go and experience the beauty of the Atlas Mountains firsthand, then you can book your day trip to the Atlas Mountains From Marrakech with us.

Learn the Magic of Leatherworks

The first thing you will see when you enter the Old Medina in Marrakech is the Number of Leather Markets, and you may think that these may be some Cheap imported or fake leather goods because pure leather is tough to find. But it is not the case in Marrakech. All the leather goods are genuine, original and of high quality made up in Tanneries. Morocco also aims to increase its Leather exports this year.

Now, if you want to do something new and exciting in Marrakech, then find some excellent workshops and learn to make leather goods like Babouche (The name of traditional leather slippers)

Climb Mount Toubkal

By now, you may feel the Marrakech is all about food, garden, and shops, right! Wrong, the city offers much more if you are a nature lover and want to have great outdoor fun than climb North Africa’s highest peak, about 4100 meters above sea level. YES, we are talking about climbing Mount Toubkal.

We recommend going to Imlil village and conquering this beast. Then, you would feel that you have achieved something in your life.

Chez Ali Fantasia dinner show

Chez Ali is the most famous for its meals. It is located around 15km west of Marrakech. Under a massive tent in the Marrakech Palm Grooves, you can enjoy your dream dinner and enjoy Chez Ali Fantasia is a popular evening show that you should not miss.

Chez Ali is a perfect place to explore the culture and civilization of Morocco. As we all know, Morocco is famous for its hospitality, and with your hospitality, you should go, chez Ali. If we have to talk about food, we challenge you to finish everything they offer. Some famous dishes are tagine, Moroccan Harira, Chicken tagine with a taste of lemon, several delicious pastries, fruits, etc.

Learn to Cook a Tagine

Tagine is something that is specifically related only to Morocco. When you visit Marrakech, it would be an excellent opportunity to learn this dish from locals. If you enroll yourself in cooking classes, they would take you to the market and teach you how you can cook this at home, but if you do not want to enroll in courses, then anyone could tell you how to make this famous cuisine. So, if you are foody and love cooking, then this is the best thing to do in Marrakech.

Lalla Takerkoust

If Marrakech heat is getting you and you want to visit some cool place, then Lalla Takerkoust is the best place to spend a beautiful afternoon with friends and family. It is colder than Marrakech because it is a lake, and it is a bit outside of Marrakech, about 40 minutes drive.

Ever since it was built in the 1930s, it has been popular among tourists and locals alike. This is because all the electricity from Marrakech is coming from this place. The area around the lake is best for mountain climbing, horse riding or even for walking. There are also numerous beaches around where you can swim, relax, and sunbathe.

You can discover the lake by renting a small boat or Kayaks, and even you can take jet skis in it. So you can visit this place and enjoy multiple things over this place, so definitely best it is the Best thing to do in Marrakech.

Learning Arabic Calligraphy

Speaking Arabic is one thing, but Writing is an entirely different thing. When you learn this skill of writing Arabic, you will be amazed at how beautiful it will look. You may find this thing un-touristy but trust me, you can learn to write a couple of words in a single class. Just enroll yourself in a Calligraphy class in Marrakech and write beautiful Arabic letters daily.

Early Morning Coffee Experience

The simple yet very best thing to do in Marrakech is to enjoy the early morning coffee outside your hotel or raid. You would be astonished to see the calmness of the city. The city, which is chaotic at night, shows an utterly different face in the morning. No sounds of annoying Motorbikes, just little cafes and shops would be open at that time. We recommend trying this out early in the morning before sunrise.

visit the Royal Theater

Most of the time, this place is used to host events. It has located in the modern part of Marrakech known as Gueliz. The exterior of the Theater is made up of Roman furnishing, truly an architectural gem. Popular cultural events, music, and dance shows have been organized there.

Shopping in Gueliz

If you are tired of seeing and shopping for traditional souks, then shopping in Gueliz is the best way to buy new products. You can find the most famous European brands there like ZARA and Mango. So, if you have friends or family members who love to buy expensive and branded products, this is the place to be. You can even get high-end local products like ceramics, Moroccan rugs, and leather.

Enjoy Multiple Activities on Beach

If you want to go out to the beach, you have to spare a day out because you must step outside of Marrakech. After all, the nearest beach is Essaouira, which is about 190km from Marrakech. You can enjoy kite flying, surfing, horse riding, and other activities. Essaouira itself is a city where you can enjoy and make your trip memorable.

See our detailed guide on Essaouira. Also, you can book your day trip to Essaouira with us. Contact us, and we will give you the best possible advice and make your trip memorable.

See Cactus Farm

This one is only for those who love cacti, pretty weird thing to do in Marrakech. The Farm’s Name is Cactus Thiemann and built over 17 acres. The farm is the biggest Cactus farm in Africa. It was created in the 1960s by the German immigrant Hans Thiemann. Unfortunately, Hans passed away in 2001, and now his wife Fatima looks after this farm with her two daughters.

Royal Tennis Club of Marrakech

Most of the Sports facilities in Marrakech are of a low standard; athletes and sports lovers often complain about this to the local authorities. Luckily this year, they took severe measures to tackle this issue. The Royal tennis club is the oldest and largest tennis club in the region and has a stadium court. The government recently revamped its nine courts to facilitate the athletes, which often come to this place worldwide. The club also hosts some significant events, and if you are a real tennis lover, you should visit this place on your next trip to Marrakech.

The Mellah

The Mellah of Marrakech is the place where the Jews of Morocco lived. Although there is a long history of conflict between Muslims and Jewish people in Marrakech, you would see another side of the story. They accept each other very gracefully, and Jewish lives there, and the area has enclosed by Kasbah Walls. Now the Mellah is like a city surrounded by walls, and you can interact with Jewish people and see their culture and living there. For example, there are different shops in the Mellah run by the Jewish People. You can go to them and buy Jewellery, Ceramics, leather goods, etc. You can even interview them about how they live in those quarters, life as a minority, how people behave, etc.

Spend a Night in Riad

Riad is a Moroccan name for hotel or guest house, but it is not your typical hotel or guest room as Riad always has an interior garden. If you want to enjoy the Moroccan culture firsthand, we recommend staying at least one day in a riad. The Riad can be found everywhere in Marrakech, particularly in the Old Medina. So, if you want calmness and relaxation and want to escape from the chaotic Marrakech lifestyle, then Stay a day or two in a Riad.

Explore the Beauty of The Ben Youssef Madrasa

Madrasa Ben Youssef is a historic Islamic School in Marrakech. It is indeed a historical representation of Morocco’s art and design. Visit this place and see the beautiful Tiles and Marble. There is only one entrance to the Madrasa, which leads to an open courtyard. Like many old madrassas, this one is also partitioned into two levels, a lower portion while the lower part is specific for prayers. There are many tiny rooms upstairs in the upper part, which were home to around 1000 students. If you are interested in Islamic History, art, and culture, you must visit this place. The best thing to do is in Marrakech.

Place des Ferblantiers

This place is also known as Iron’s square and is often overlooked by tourists. When you visit Mellah, which is already on this list, do not forget to visit Place des Ferblantiers because it is located at the edge of Mellah. It acts as a bridge between the Jewish quarter and with Islamic zone. In that place, you will find several shops which operate round the clock. You would find many Local artisans offering some cool local stuff to visit this place.

Sunset in Agafay Desert

Seeing the  Sunset in the Agafay Desert is one of the best things to do in Marrakech. Mark our words. It will get you a lot of Instagram likes. It is considered the best day trip from Marrakech. You may think sunset seeing is beautiful at any place then. Why Agafay? The View of Sunset in any Desert is theatrical, like the bright color of sand often having gloomed and turned into Golden and orange color at sunset. Luckily, there are several deserts around the Marrakech, but the nearest one is Agafay, just 30 kilometers away from the city. Book your tour to Agafay Desert and see the beautiful dunes and hills at the time of sunset from your own eyes.

There are also many other unique day-trip spots from Marrakech that you should try out. We have penned down some Best Day Trips from Marrakech that you should not miss. So, do check it out and make your trip more memorable.

Enjoy Story Telling in Café Clock

The recently opened café in Marrakech is gaining popularity daily due to its fantastic food and spectacular environment. The restaurant offers Western and Arabian foods, but the Café is famous for its storytelling sessions every Thursday evening. Young lads come from all over the morocco and tell Classical local and Arabic Stories. Most of the stories are narrated in English, so you would easily understand them; otherwise, apprentices would translate the story for you. If you love to listen to the report, do not forget to visit this place on your next visit—definitely the most recommended thing to do in Marrakech.

Ateliers d’Ailleurs

Most tourists do not visit this place because of a lack of awareness. However, if you want to get an authentic Moroccan cultural feel, you should visit this place. The area has been created for local artisans who mastered the traditional Moroccan skills of pottery, woodwork, Geometric tile work, etc., and to preserve the ancient Moroccan culture.

Visit Ateliers d’Ailleurs and learn with local artisans one-on-one. Of course, most of them would not speak English, but you can hire a Translator and chat with them thoroughly.

Musée de La Mouassine

Built by Chorfa in the middle of the 16th century is a guest house or Riad, which should the retained by the Chorfa family—currently owned by Patrick Menac’h. There are numerous rooms in Musee de La, which are turned into permanent exhibition events. The best part is the open-end terrace of the Riad, from which you could Cherish the beauty of Medina and Atlas Mountains simultaneously. The Riad is also very popular for hosting a musical event on almost all weekdays. In addition, the Riad hosts several classical music events.

We recommend visiting Musee de La Mouassine and enjoying the music in beautiful surroundings with Coffee and Cakes.

Menara Gardens

We Know you probably ask what another Garden in the list! But this one is for those looking to do something for free. So, this garden, unlike Jardin Majorelle, is free to visit. Yes, you heard it right. They do not charge anything, no admission fee, no entrance fee for you or your family members. Menara Garden has orchids with lots of Olive trees, and if you are a fan of flora, you should not miss this park because there are plenty of flora implanted there. Finally, the view of the Atlas Mountains from Menara is breathtaking. We gave you enough reasons why this is the best thing to do in Marrakech.

Shop at Rahba Kedima Square

When you visit Marrakech for the first time, you may find the city a bit chaotic, especially when you are with your children you would think about their safety. There is a chance of getting lost in more old and famous Marrakech markets like old Medina. So, this one is for those who want to shop in a quieter place. Unlike old Medina, you could easily take pictures of the shopkeepers and then even allow to take a selfie with them.

Marrakech Railway Station

You may ask why we added this to our list, but once you visit the central Station of Marrakech, you will get to know why we said this to our list. It is one of the best things to see in Marrakech because the architecture of the Station is stunning. We are not saying to waste your whole precious day on Railway Station because we know that apart from Catching a train there is nothing much to do at Station but a little sneak into it would make your day. If you are bored, you can visit the opera house and other nearby attractions.

Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park

Marrakech is a city of Gardens and Souks, so the best thing to do in Marrakech is to explore as many Souks and Gardens as you can. This Cyber Park is one of its kind because it represents Heaven on earth and is situated just beside Jema el Fna (Around a 6-minute walk). The best part of this park is that it will not be crowded as other Gardens. So, you can spend quality time with your kids and family. The entrance to this park is entirely free. So, wanted to take a break from Marrakech heat? Come to Arsat Moulay Abdeslam Cyber Park, where thousands of green trees welcome you with their Huge Shadows.

Jardin el Harti

This garden is best for a picnic. It is located just beside Casino de Marrakech. The park has spectacular views and is known for its greenery and entertainment. Kids would love this place. We recommend having lunch on Jardin el Harti and taking your children to the play area inside Jardin el Harti and letting them play for a couple of hours. Do not forget to take beautiful pictures and post them to your social channels, and you will get lots of likes.

Tin Mal Mosque

Just a little outside of Marrakech, you could find this place. Tin Mal Mosque is famous for its architecture and history. Some French Architects recently renovated it so that you would find some European dominance in this mosque. In addition, the mosque is known for its astonishing views because it is perched on the top of the river hill. So, if you are an art and culture lover, you should visit this place while on a day trip to the Atlas Mountains.

Visit Amal Center

Wanted the authentic, local cuisine in Morocco? If you’re going to get the real, local Moroccan taste, then this one is the best place to be. This is also a non-profit center that supports unemployed Moroccan women. They teach cooking skills to women and make them able to earn money and support their families. If you want to learn local cuisine, you can also learn from the Amal center because they also conduct Cooking classes.

Al Nour Foundation

This one is another popular foundation run by disabled women. You can find their quality embroideries, accessories, and household linens. Very popular for hand snitching Moroccan style clothes for Men, women, and children. We recommend going there and shopping something from there and supporting disabled women.

Café Gaia

Café Gaia is for those who love Vegetarian dishes. Most Indians eat only vegetarian dishes, so they can come here and enjoy a delicious lunch. All of the recipes are pure vegetarian, and you will find numerous options there. All the recipes will be presented beautifully with manners. We recommend trying a carrot cake with Almond milk in the afternoon.

Quad Biking

In our opinion, the best thing to do in Marrakech is do Quad biking. You can do quad biking at the palm grove or the Marrakech desert. Most of the companies offer Half Day Marrakech Quad bike experience where the whole half-day you can explore the Countryside. It is best for those who want some activity other than shopping or sightseeing. Before going Quad biking, keep in mind that children under fourteen can ride a bike but behind an Adult. Before riding a quad bike, you have to sign an agreement for damage and personal injury but do not worry about that agreement forum is just for safety.

Book your Marrakech trip with us, and we will show you some more Attractive places in Marrakech and guide you to some of the Best day trips from Marrakech.

Plan your stay in Marrakesh.