Every Expert traveler knows that Morocco is a tough place to explore. It is the most famous city. Marrakech is chaotic and a bit loud compared to other cities. Although the colors and city sound in Marrakech will captivate you, if you are a person who loves silence and wants to relax by enjoying the beautiful scenery, I would recommend adding Essaouira to your itinerary when it comes to organizing your day trips from Marrakech.

The city of Essaouira is located on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco. The city’s old town, known as Medina, is protected by fortification walls designed by European architects in the 18th century to protect the city from Intruders. The city is known for its friendly atmosphere, perched on the Coast. It is also called a windy city because of its excellent weather. It is also famous for Kite flying, surfing, and its beaches. f I have to sum it up, then Essaouira is the cultural hub. You can find influences from Arabs, Romanians, Ancient Berbers, Jews, and French civilizations. All of these mixed up make this Beach city light and soft.


If you can afford it, then the Best Way to Reach Essaouira is by hiring a private transfer, which will cost you between 120 to 150 Euros one way, depending on where you are located in Marrakech.

Still, if your budget is limited or wants to save money, multiple bus services can drop you in Essaouira in just about 3 hours. You can also share a Grand public taxi from Marrakech. We recommend Bargaining hard to bring the fare down as much as possible.

If you want a hassle-free trip and do not want to worry about transportation, book your day trip to  Essaouira with Marrakech Desert Trips. It will pick you up from your Riad or any nearby place in Marrakech and drop you off at your hotel or the Centre of Marrakech. e Minivan would be Modern AC Van, and the Best Part is that the Driver would be English Speaking, so you can ask him as many questions as you like.

Want to enjoy your trip to the fullest? Then I recommend reaching Essaouira by Van or Taxi. By taking a road trip to Essaouira, you can see Haouz Planes, Chichaoua Village, Sidi Mokhtar, and Argan Tree Forest, where you can see the Goats dancing in the trees.

Things & Activities to Do in Your Day Trip

Most Travelers think that there is not much to do in Essaouira, but they are entirely wrong. There are many things to see and do on your day trip to Essaouira. So, here are some of the exciting things you can do on your Day trip.

Visit the Essaouira ramparts

Essaouira Ramparts, where the Old Medina Connects with the Atlantic Ocean. These are also called Golden Walls, which European architects built. T e purpose of these walls is to save the port from the Invaders. Therefore, you could see its resemblance to Saint-Malo (A town in France).

The Gateway of the Fishing port is surrounded by an impressive Skala known as Skala De Port. These are also known as a kind of Protective Bulwark. Another End of the Fort is called Skala Du Ville. You can find several Cannons lined up there. O  that part, you will find several Artists and Crafts stalls.

Explore the Port Side

The port of Essaouira was once known as the biggest port in Morocco. It was also called the Port of Timbuktu as lots of goods carried by Sahara trading caravans from Timbuktu, like gold, silver, and spices, were exported from here to Europe and the Americas. Nowadays, the ports of Casablanca, Agadir, and Tangier have taken the lead. However, many things are happening around the harbor nowadays. You can enjoy the work of a Fisherman on the port side and can see their daily routine. I deed, it is one of the most exciting places to visit on your Day Trip. B t If you have a sensitive nose or are a faint-hearted person, then stay away from this place because there will be a lot of fish smell over this place.

When you type Essaouira on Google and see the Images, you will find the Photos of the typical old Blue boats on the port. These are the traditional old wooden boats painted in blue still used today. Between 1 pm and 4 pm, fishermen take their daily catch to the auction market to sell. If you are interested in buying fresh fish, I recommend doing it in the port open space market. Do not forget to haggle, as Moroccans are good at that. At the sides of the pier, you will find many stalls where you can grill the fresh fish or any other seafood you buy.

Enjoy Multiple Activities on the Beach of Essaouira

Essaouira is also known as the Windy City because of its weather. In the summer, when the rest of the morocco is sweltering, the average temperature of Essaouira varies around 20-25 Celsius. But still, you can do plenty of things on the Beach of Essaouira like in summer light sunbathing would be a good idea. B t the beach of Essaouira is not famous for sunbathing but for other things like Kitesurfing. Even if you do not know how to fly a kite, you will still enjoy the scenes like the sky full of different colors. Kites will give you Goosebumps at first. You can also go horse riding on the beach, and even Camel riding is available. M  Best Pick Would be Plage Sidi Magdoul, but if you can spare some time, then Plage Sidi Kaouki and Moulay Bouzerktoune are also decent Beach options. Finally, Quad Biking is also available for adventurous people in Diabate village on the beach if you want something different. A d if you wish to enjoy the atmosphere, I would recommend walking on the beach and enjoying the calm wind hitting on your face.

Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdullah Museum

It was named after the founder of the city Mohammed Ben Abdullah. In Morocco, t e Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah Museum is masterminded in a pasha residence that returns to the nineteenth century. It houses authentic antiques, for example, stoneware, coins, adornments, photos, and floor coverings, which are most crucial to Essaouira’s history. O e critical thing is bookings. I would recommend booking your museum tour in advance to avoid any problems. It is just beside the Essaouira Ramparts, so when you visit the Ramparts, do not forget to visit the Museum, especially for people who love history, art, and culture. S, this Museum is worth spending time and energy on.

Walk into the Medina of Essaouira

The former name of Medina of Essaouira is Mogador. It is also listed in UNESCO as a National World Heritage site for its Unique Blend of Moroccan and European Styles. The Medina of Essaouira is very different from the other medinas of Morocco because the Medina of Essaouira is not like a maze. Instead, the paths are straightforward to understand. Unlike other Medina, especially the Medina of Marrakech, this one is straightforward, and the chance of getting lost in this is very minimal.

 Although it is designed by the French designers and was built so beautifully that you will find your way quickly once you get lost, there are still lots of twists and turns when you walk around the narrow streets lined by tall whitewashed structures. The most ironic thing is that the word Essaouira itself means Beautifully Designed.

In the Centre of Medina, you will have Place Moulay Hassan, which is one of the most beautiful squares in the city; to be exact, the location of Moulay Hassan Place is between the port and the entrance of the Medina. You can enjoy a sea view from any Café and several restaurants. In the evening, lots of Local families and Children Gather there for walks, and you will enjoy seeing the children Running behind Cats and Pigeons.

Join a Cooking Class in Essaouira

Suppose you are a cooking fan and want to learn the traditional recipes of Morocco like Tagine, Harira, Couscous, Bissara, Tangia, R’fissa, Amlou, and Kefta. In that case, you should Signup for the Cooking classes. M st of the chefs are local with fluent English, so that you will enjoy chatting with them, and they will Visit the local market with you and provide you with all kinds of important information about the food, their traditions, and customs. I told you earlier that they speak English very well, so I recommend asking as many questions as possible and learning from their experience. T e more you interact and ask questions, the quicker you learn about Moroccan cuisine.

Shopping in the Souks of Essaouira

Shopping would be the central part of your Day. Althoughh there are fewer shops in Essaouira than in Marrakech; your shopping experience will be hassle-free so that you can horn your bargaining skills there. The best part is finding all of Morocco’s famous Merchandise here. You can also find the favorite gifts to bring home from Morocco like “The Argan Oil” in these souks, Thuya wood, Shining local artworks, Raffia shoes, silver, and gold ornaments. You can find most of the stuff in La Joutia Square, located just a walk from Bab Daukkala. You would be amazed to see the number of stalls over there. You can even find Car Parts, jewelry, Cycles, and even second-hand clothes.

You’ll discover elixirs, powders, and pyramids of crisply ground flavors in cultivator Seddiki Mohamed’s sweet-smelling shop. Next, search Ras El Hanout, a spice mix you can find only in Morocco. It will help to create spicy Moroccan food in your Kitchen.

If you do not want to waste your time shopping and want to see the rural side of Essaouira, then Visit the sprawling Sunday souq at Had Draa, which is located around 35 Km from Essaouira. Many Moroccans, especially Berber families, travel hundreds of miles and reach there to auction their Livestock like camels, cows, goats, horses, donkeys, sheep, etc.

Dance on the Live Concert

Gnawa Music is very popular in Morocco, but Essaouira is considered the hub of this type of music. Gnawa music is a small body of Moroccan and other North African Islamic spiritual songs and rhythms. T e poetry, music styles, and dance performed at this festival are unique and can not be found in any other part of the world.

If you know how to play any instrument or are a music lover, head to Gnawa  Music Festival, join the Gnawa Masters, jam with the local artists, and see their different groves. Experience this addictive genre of Music firsthand, and I bet It will be the best experience you will ever have.

Although the Gnawa World Music Festival is held in June, you do not have to wait until then to feel the vibes of this sacred music style. You can hear it in Gnawa Blues restaurant throughout the year. In addition, there are other festivals besides Gnawa, like Festival des Alizés for Classical Music. It is organized every April. Also, if you want to listen to Andalusian classical Music, another popular Moroccan music type, then visit in November for the Festival des Andalousies Atlantiques.

Eating in Essaouira

If you are not a big fan of cooking and it sounds too much work for you, do not worry. Essaouira offers a lot to food lovers. For example, the port and the fish market around provide fresh fish; you can even buy fresh fish in the harbor and bring it to one of the food stalls nearby to grill it for you.

You can also enjoy locally produced goat cheese, olive oils, and even organic fruits like pomegranate, veggies, and herbs. In addition, lots of restaurants offer fish tagine mush try.

If you are a vegetarian, you can enjoy a variety of dishes because there is a plethora of fresh vegetables produced around Essaouira, and many hotels and restaurants offer good deals. T e typical Vegetarian tagine usually contains potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, and sometimes dates. Sometimes they will not put onions on it. Tell them to put onions, olives, and raisins on the top; the taste will increase incredibly. If you are looking for a cheap but right place to eat, go to The Skala. The location is perfect, and the prices are also very reasonable. You can order a variety of fish and vegetable dishes and do not forget to order the juice in a warm atmosphere. A gan Salad is also another good option, which you should try. There is another good option of Goat cheese salad at the Saffron Café.

Other notable food spots worth seeing are Yoo Healthy Food (8A Rue Ibn Roch). They also have an excellent environment and are famous for their delicious smoothies. O der their frozen Yogurt and juices, and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere. P ices are also very affordable. Visit Gusto Italia (14 Rue Charif El Idrissi) if you crave Italian seafood. Finally, if you want to enjoy all these in one place, then visit Miyame Restaurant; this restaurant is owned locally and offers all the traditional cuisines at an excellent price. T eir dining space is limited, so be sure to come early and book as fast as possible. Their skim salad and mixed samosas are also very famous and cost around $5.

Try Traditional Moroccan Hammam

One of the best things to do in Essaouira is to spend the afternoon in the conventional Moroccan Hammam. The Hammam begins with body cleaning, mostly with Clay, which cleans and shines the skin. T is special Clay comes from the Atlas Mountains and is usually known as Ghassoul. Then their special black soap is applied to the whole body, and this black soap is made of olives, which cleans the pores of your body. There are many hammams in Essaouira, and almost all are good. In addition, you can check Azur Spa, which is a seaside spa, and offer massage with argan products with local flower essence added.

Quad biking in Essaouira

Quad Biking and Camel riding should be on your to-do list when you visit Essaouira, and if we talk about Quad biking, most of the companies offer a 3-hour Quad Biking adventure. This is a great chance to see the stunning views of Essaouira countryside and beaches. All quad biking service providers are very professional and helpful. You will be provided all the necessary gear like jackets, gloves, kneepads, helmets, etc. But one thing you must keep in mind is that most companies put an age limit on driving Quad bikes. Children under 16 can not drive Quad bikes. However, they can ride the bike behind the Adult. As far as the Driver’s license is concerned, there is no license required for riding the Quad bike, but before riding, they will tell you to Practice the Quad bike. It would be easy because most of the Quad bikes will be Automatic. E en though the company under which you will be doing Quad Biking will provide you with most of the things, My Advice would be to bring sunscreen, a Long hat, and sunglasses with you.

Staying in Essaouira

If you want to extend your Private Day trip from Marrakech to Essaouira, then there are a variety of Riads and hotels in which you can stay. T e one I recommend is Villa Quieta, where you can enjoy free WIFI and free private parking on the site. They also have a private pool outside, and the best part is that they offer grocery service throughout the Day. I  Day want to book a good hotel in Old Medina then Suite Azur Hotel is the best option. E ch room of Suite Azur is equipped with a TV, a Wardrobe, and a private attached bathroom. T eir best part is their Continental breakfast. They also offers a terrace in every room to relax, but if you want to relax and enjoy in the true sense, then unwind yourself on their rooftop pool and in the Centre of Essaouira to enjoy the scenes outside.

If you want to live like a king, there are also costly hotels like Atlas Essaouira & Spa, which has a beachfront location. Other luxury hotels include Sofitel Essaouira Mogador Golf & Spa, Hotel Cote ocean Mogador, Hotel Vents Des Iles, Hôtel Emeraude Essaouira, and Hotel Al Arboussas. All of these are excellent hotels to stay in but a little expensive.

Enjoy Astonishing Sunset in Essaouira

Watching the sunset is the best thing to end your Day Trip on a high note. Watching out over the Atlantic from the city on a crisp afternoon, you get a fantastic sunset light show, with the blurring sun making the stone sparkle gold and the angling vessels and seagulls outlined against the light. Find some good spots to take the pictures and try to bring camels in your image. The Best part, in my opinion, would be the rooftop at the Taros Bar in Place Moulay Hassan. N t only can you see the sunset on Taros Bar but also enjoy the sunset view with live music.

In the end, I will say that if you are looking for stunning views, want to have shopping and relax, then Essaouira is the best place for you. Although Marrakech is a more popular spot among tourists, Essaouira is more underrated as it offers much more than you think. I s famous cuisine, Beaches, Hammams, and other activities like Camel riding, Wind Surfing, Kite flying, and Quad Biking adventure will give you a lifetime experience. If you want a hassle-free tour to Essaouira, book your tour with us.