Come for the country, stay for the people

Morocco… a top touristic destination worldwide for many people who are attracted by its mesmerizing, diverse landscape, its year-long sunny weather, its colorful cities, charming streets and buzzing local markets. But ask anyone who comes to visit Morocco for its beauty, what really sticks with them in the end is the people of this country.

Meet the Moroccans

Moroccans are actually one of the highlights of the country. If you are visiting Morocco, whether alone or with a group, one of the best things to do is to mingle with the people and get to know them, learn about their lifestyle, and share moments with them to get an appreciation for how they lead their lives. Some of the interactions you can get while in Morocco will surely make your trip memorable and leave you wanting for more.

Moroccan hospitality

Many tourists who come to the country end up falling in love with the people and choosing to give up everything to stay and live in Morocco, and they cannot be blamed for that. Moroccans are such modest, down-to-earth, hospitable, caring and loving people, with a smile on their faces even in rough times, always willing to help, and always welcoming and ready to share whatever they have even with strangers. It is truly a fascinating sense of community that you can find even in the roughest areas of the country. From big cities to small remote villages in the mountains or while in a Morocco Sahara desert tour desert, wherever you are in Morocco, people would welcome you as one of their own, opening their houses to you and sharing their food, even if it is as simple as a cup of mint tea (although they are generous with sugar), and treating you with such respect and kindness that will have you forge long-lasting friendships with these amazing people.

Moroccans will help, even if they don’t speak your language

In many instances, you might find yourself lost and not knowing your bearings, do not hesitate to ask one of the locals for directions, people will generally try to do their best to help you get where you want, some even offering to take you there personally. What is even more fascinating is that many Moroccans will help you even though they cannot understand your language. The country is a major touristic destination, and that means Moroccans are used to hearing different languages and dealing with people from various nationalities. This is why Moroccans will usually find a way to communicate with you even though they might not speak your language fluently.

Try being a Moroccan family guest, you will not regret it

One of the best ways to get to know the people in this gorgeous country is to stay with a Moroccan family. If you have the chance of being hosted by a Moroccan family during your stay, do not hesitate to do it. The experience you will get out of it will be enriching on so many levels. Hospitality is one of the main traits of Moroccan families and Moroccans in general. If you stay with a family in Morocco, you will feel as if these people knew you your whole life. You won’t feel estranged. You will be welcome in their homes, given the best place to stay, treated to delicious Moroccan dishes nowhere else to be found, and most importantly, they will make sure you are comfortable and at ease during your stay.