If you visited Morocco in the past, you would definitely know what we mean when we say that Moroccans are surely some of the most hospitable and welcoming people on the planet. In a country where diversity is striking and cultural differences are pronounced, the people are used to living in a rich environment where various religions, behaviors, languages, customs, beliefs, and clothing styles all come together and coexist peacefully. This means that for Moroccans, diversity is part and parcel of their daily lives, an essential element of what it means to be Moroccan. Added to this is the fact that Moroccans generally live in close-knit communities where interaction with one another and helping each other is at the core of their lives.

One major constituent of life in Morocco is the religion of Islam. This religion governs the life of the people in the country. It is the source of inspiration behind much of the actions of Moroccans and is considered the cornerstone of their lives. Moroccans adopt a moderate understanding of Islam, which is why you would find the country one of the most peaceful Islamic countries in the world. People in Morocco have a strong attachment with their religion, but that does not stand in their way of progress and development. For the majority of Moroccans, being Muslim means that they should adopt such values as respect, caring for the other, sympathy, honesty, understanding one another, living peacefully with all people regardless of the difference between them. This is why Moroccans are considered some of the most welcoming and hospitable nations in the world. Their values are not restricted to the people of their community only, they extend to all the people of the world.