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No visit of Marrakech for the first time is complete without a camel ride to experience camel trekking Marrakech has long been known of, especially in the palm grove.
So you’re feeling you need a break from the busy markets and streets of Marrakech? You’re ready for a change in scenery after you’ve visited Marrakech palaces, museums and Souks? Do you want to follow the paths of the old caravan roads? Then this Marrakech camel ride is the best Marrakech excursion for you, your family and friends.
Children and adults find Marrakech camel riding experience adorable. As they feel the sway of the gentle camels and recall the time when this was the main mean of transport for the trading caravans.

Marrakech Camel Ride experience Highlights:

  • Experience an hour camel trek in Marrakech Palmeraie
  • Ride your camel dressed in blue veils under the shade of palm trees
  • Drive past Berber villages and rugged terrains
  • Enjoy a cup of mint tea served by the locals
  • Return transfer for your Marrakech camel ride included

Tour Plan

Marrakech – The Palm Grove

Marrakech camel trips last half a day ( either in the morning or in the afternoon ).
Your driver will pick you up from your Marrakech hotel or riad and head North to the Palmeraie where you will meet your camel caravan.
After some time at leisure to take some photos with the camels, you will choose one to ride for an hour under the palm grove shades. A cup of mint tea will be served under a Bedouin tent while you’re taking a break.
Small children under 12 years old are advised to ride the camel with an adult.
Your Marrakech camel ride excursion will end with a drop off at your hotel or the nearest point to your riad.

Marrakech Camel Trekking Excursion Fact Sheet:

  • Days of operation: Daily
  • Pick up time: 09h00 AM / 14h00 PM
  • Return time: 11h30 PM / 16h30 PM

Marrakech Camel Rides In The Palmeraie Timetable:

  • 09h30 / 14h30: Pick up from your hotel / Riad
  • 10h00 / 15h00: Arrival at camel trekking starting
  • zone – Free time for pictures and safety rules brief
  • 10h15 / 15h15: Start your Marrakech camel ride journey
  • 11h45 / 16h45: Return back to the camel’s base
  • 12h00 / 17h00: Depart to your hotel / Riad
  • 12h30 / 17h30: End of your Marrakech camel trek ride half day trip


  • Return transfer from your hotel / Riad to the Palmeraie
  • 1 hour camel ride in the palmeraie

Know Before You Go:

  • Camel ride experience is not suitable for pregnant women, and people with back pain
  • Children under 12 are welcome to ride the camel behind an adult
  • Please do not forget your hat, sun glasses and sunscreen
  • To enjoy your camel ride experience, please avoid skirts and shorts. Jeans, long shorts and pants are advisable

Questions & Answers

Is riding a camel is comfortable?

You may feel a bit uncomfortable if you ride the camel for the first time but it is not that much difficult to learn. You will pick up the skill pretty quickly.

What do i wear for the camel ride?

Be sure to wear full and lose clothes on your camel ride specially in desert. If you want to wear shorts,  long shorts are recommended. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and comfortable shoes are also advised to make your camel ride more comfortable.

Can children ride camels in the Palmeraie?

Children can ride camels in the Palmeraie. Children under 12 are highly advised to ride camels with an adult.

How many persons can ride a camel at a time?

Usually one adult an a child can ride a camel comfortably. BUT, in rare occasions, two adults can ride a camel at a time, depending on their gross weight. A normal adult camel can carry 150Kg (330lbs) comfortably.

Is there any time limit of riding a Camel?

There is no time limit to ride a camel. Camels can travel all day carrying heavy weight. The camel ride is mainly bumpy, and an average person would resist to up to an hour camel ride. Above that, it will be a little painful.

Is there any dress code for riding a Camel in Marrakech?

During your Marrakech camel ride, just dress comfortable, shorts and skirts are not recommended to avoid skin contact with the camel skin and saddles. In hot temperatures, sunscreen, sun glasses and bottles of fresh water are highly advisable. Your camel operator will offer you traditional Touareg clothes to wear during your camel ride (Blue scarf and robes)

Are camels friendly?

Camels are social and usually do not attack humans. You can ride on it without any fear. But if you force it to do something then it can retaliate and can cause you harm.

How far can a camels travel in a day?

Arabian camels can carry up to 120 kilos and travel up to 40 km a day without water or food.

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