Marrakech Camel Ride In The Palm Grove

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Discover the Ultimate Camel Ride Experience in Marrakech - 1 Hour of Adventure

Embark on a must-do Marrakech adventure with our exclusive 1-hour camel ride. This iconic activity is synonymous with the Marrakech experience, offering a serene escape from the vibrant chaos of the Medina. Ideal for families, friends, and solo travelers, our Marrakech camel ride is a journey back in time, retracing ancient trading caravan routes. Both adults and children will be captivated by the unique sensation of camel riding, evoking images of historic Saharan caravans.

Key Highlights of Your Marrakech Camel Ride

  • Enjoy a scenic 1-hour camel trek amidst the lush Marrakech Palmeraie.
  • Experience the traditional attire with blue veils, enhancing your ride.
  • Traverse past authentic Berber villages and witness the rugged beauty of the landscape.
  • Relish the hospitality of locals with a refreshing cup of mint tea.

Marrakech Camel Trek Itinerary

  • Marrakech → Palmeraie

    Starting from Marrakech, head towards the enchanting Palmeraie for a half-day camel riding expedition, available both in the morning and afternoon. Our service includes convenient pick-up and drop-off from your Marrakech accommodation. Capture memorable moments with the camels before embarking on your trek, shaded by the palm grove. Take a relaxing break in a Bedouin tent, savoring mint tea, a symbol of Moroccan hospitality. Children under 12 are recommended to ride with an adult for safety.

    Essential Details of Your Camel Riding Adventure in Marrakech:

    • Operating Days: Available daily for your convenience.
    • Pick-Up Times: Morning session at 09:00 AM, Afternoon session at 14:00 PM.
    • Estimated Return: Morning return by 11:30 AM, Afternoon return by 16:30 PM.

    Join us for this unforgettable Marrakech camel ride experience and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Morocco.

Marrakech Camel Ride experience price

Price per person: Days of operation: Number of participants:
25 € Daily 17 Max


  • Return transfer from your hotel / Riad to the Palmeraie.
  • 1 hour camel ride in the Palmeraie.
  • Mint tea and crepes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect from a Marrakech Camel Ride?

Expect a unique, 1-hour journey through the picturesque Marrakech Palmeraie on a camel. This adventure offers a blend of cultural immersion and scenic beauty, suitable for all ages. It’s a perfect way to experience traditional Moroccan life and landscape.

Is the Marrakech Camel Ride Suitable for Children?

Absolutely! The Marrakech camel ride is a family-friendly activity. Children find the camel trek exciting and memorable. For safety, children under 12 are advised to ride with an adult.

What Should I Wear for the Camel Ride in Marrakech?

Comfort is key for the camel ride. Wear comfortable clothing and closed shoes. Hats and sunglasses are recommended for sun protection. Traditional blue veils are often provided for an authentic experience.

How Long is the Marrakech Camel Ride and What's Included?

The camel ride in Marrakech lasts for approximately 1 hour. The experience includes pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation, a ride through the Palmeraie, and a refreshing cup of mint tea served under a Bedouin tent.

Do I Need Any Special Skills to Ride a Camel in Marrakech?

No special skills are required for the Marrakech camel ride. Camels are gentle and well-trained, and guides are always on hand to assist and ensure a safe, enjoyable experience for everyone.

How Safe is the Camel Ride Experience in Marrakech?

Safety is a top priority for the Marrakech camel ride. All camels are well-trained and calm, making them suitable for riders of all experience levels. Professional guides accompany you throughout the ride, ensuring safety and providing assistance as needed. Additionally, safety instructions are given before the ride, and helmets are available upon request to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all participants.

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1134 Reviews
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Isabella Bianchi

Group Traveller

We decided to try this out on a whim, and it turned out to be an absolute blast. It’s more about having a good time than anything else. They pick you up right from your hotel and make sure everything runs on schedule. The drive takes about 20 minutes, taking you just outside Marrakech. Here’s where the fun begins – they get you all dressed up in a blue shirt and a matching blue head wrap (trust me, it’s pretty amusing). Once you’re decked out, you embark on a camel ride that lasts for around an hour. And yes, it’s as entertaining as it sounds. To top it off, they treat you to some tea at the end – a nice little touch. For the price of 25€, this experience is an absolute steal. Imagine being able to proudly say you’ve ridden a camel and collected a bunch of hilarious photos along the way. The best part? The staff, as well as the camels, are incredibly friendly and make the whole adventure even more enjoyable. So, if you’re in the mood for a fun, affordable, and unforgettable adventure, this is something you won’t want to miss out on!

August 30, 2023

Henrik Jansen

Group Traveller

My friend and I had such a great time with the camel ride and the pickup service. The staff members were incredibly kind and paid a lot of attention to us throughout the experience. Even though we were a bit nervous at first, they quickly put us at ease by assuring us that we were in for a good time – and they were absolutely right! This activity is definitely something you shouldn’t miss when you’re in Marrakesh. They even offered to take plenty of pictures for us, which means we now have these incredible memories captured forever. Big thanks to everyone involved!

August 28, 2023

Sofia Kova?

Family Traveller

Our camel riding experience was truly amazing! The guides made the journey not only enjoyable but also filled with their friendly assistance. We’re really thankful for this unforgettable adventure. We wholeheartedly recommend giving it a shot – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

August 27, 2023

Maximilian Schmidt

Family Traveller

What a fantastic experience! Everything was perfect, even with my 2-year-old son. The extra touch of a little gift (braiding) was a wonderful bonus. A huge thank you to the entire team!

August 26, 2023

Elina O'Connor

Family Traveller

We had a wonderful day after being picked up from our hotel by Brahim in a clean, comfy 8-seater. We were outfitted in local attire when we arrived at the Palmeraie and were assisted on to the camels. We are neither young nor fit, yet we had no trouble climbing on or riding the camels; in fact, being taken through the palm trees was rather a bit relaxing. I really suggest it to both young and old people.

August 23, 2023
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