2 Days Toubkal Ascent Trek

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Hike Mount Toubkal in 2 Days

Mount Toubkal hiking has been the wildest dream of every mountaineer in Morocco. However, it will take your version of hiking to the next level! It is the highest mountain in North Africa, with a peak standing as high as 4167m. This 2-day Mt. Toubkal ascent trek will take you one step closer to nature’s heart. Your adventure will start from and end in Marrakech. Then, qualified English-speaking guides will escort you and mules to carry your equipment and food higher into the mountain. The ascent should not be impossible for unprofessional mountaineers, as the route to the top is much more of a moderate hike than a seriously steep mountain climb.

2-Day Toubkal Ascent Trek Highlights:

  • Travel from Marrakech to Imlil, your Toubkal hike starting point.
  • Climb to Toubkal refuge past Sidi Shamharouch shrine.
  • Spend the night at Toubkal Mount shelter.
  • Early morning hike to the highest point in North Africa (Toubkal Summit).
  • Climb down to Imlil village and back to Marrakech.

2 Day Toubkal Hike Itinerary:

Day 1: Marrakech - Imlil Village - Toubkal Hut

You will have an early start on day 1. Your driver will pick you up early in the morning and drive you south to the village of Imlil. Before getting there, we will drive through the valleys of Toubkal Massif, passing by the Haouz Plain and then past the village of Asni. Asni village will be the beginning point of our climb to the Massif. On our way up, you will see all the tiny villages scattered around the hillsides if you look down.
We continue until we reach the village of Imlil, and that's where our adventure begins. You will meet our expert mountain guides with you to the top. We will carry your luggage and equipment on mules back. We will take care of anything that will be of a burden to you or slow you down on your trek.
Be prepared for a long uphill hike (5/6 hours) to Toubkal Refuge. We will start our trek to the mountain, passing by the shrine of Sidi Shamharouch, where you will enjoy a picnic lunch in nature. After a short break, get ready to resume your hike to Toubkal refuge, which is used as a basecamp located in the sheltering bosom of Mother Nature.
Today's hike will effectively test your legs' capacity and endurance before the next day's climb. Relax and enjoy an overnight in the wild. You could either spend the night inside Toubkal refuge or in a tent, provided it is summertime.
Whichever choice you take, take a goodnight's sleep and get ready to meet the majestic Toubkal summit on the next day.

(6 Hours Hike)

Day 2: Toubkal Hut - Toubkal Summit - Imlil Village - Marrakech

After an early breakfast, which will be served at 5:30 AM, we start the climb to Toubkal Summit.
the routes to the mountain change depending on the season: During wintertime, they are shorter but steeper and take 3 to 4 hours. Generally, the ascent is non-technical and safe, but that doesn't mean it doesn't get challenging at some point.
Closer to the summit, there are some more tricky parts where you need to be cautious. However, our experienced guides will help you prevent risky routes and instead take you through safe ones. We will spend around 45min on the summit; we don't want to spend too long a time so that you don't suffer from altitude sickness.
The views from the summit are unbelievably charming, with views across the entire Atlas Mountains range and the Berber villages. The spectacular sights will make you forget any hardships you faced on your way to the top. Make sure that you don't let your camera out for an extended period during wintertime, as the sub-zero temperature in the summit will quickly drain your camera batteries!
Upon our return to Toubkal refuge, we will take an hour or so to recover from the long hike, and then we will retrace our way back to Imlil, where you will meet your driver and eventually drive back to Marrakech.
Your 2-Day Mt. Toubkal hike will end with a drop-off at your Marrakech hotel.

(9 Hours Hike)

2 Days Mt. Toubkal Hike Prices:

Number of Participants: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7-9 10-13 14-17
Price per person: 360€ 220€ 180€ 160€ 150€ 140€ 135€ 130€ 125€
Number of Participants: Price per person:
1 360€
2 220€
3 180€
4 160€
5 150€
6 140€
7-9 135€
10-13 130€
14-17 125€

What is included in this 2 Day Mt. Toubkal Trek:

Return transfer from Marrakech to Imlil (A/C modern vehicle).

Local licensed English/French speaking mountain guide.

Mules for luggage and meals transportation.

Overnight at Toubkal refuge.

Meals and mineral water (Full board).

Not included

Hiking equipment ( our guides will assist you rent any equipment needed in Imlil Village)

Personal expenses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When to hike in Morocco?

    Unlike many trekking destinations globally, you can enjoy hiking in Morocco all year long. However, in the snowy winter season, minimum trekking skills are required.

  • Can I climb Toubkal without a guide?

    Hiring a registered local trekking guide to hike Mount Toubkal is now compulsory. There is a checkpoint in Aroumd Village where everyone climbing Jbel Toubkal needs to be registered, and you will not be allowed to go beyond that checkpoint unless a local guide is leading your way. So do not forget to bring your ID for registration purposes.

  • How hard is it to climb Mount Toubkal?

    Most people who are in good shape can climb Mount Toubkal easily. However, the snowy winter season requires a minimum of hiking skills.

  • How cold is it in the High Atlas Mountains?

    The Atlas Mountains temperature in the winter can plummet below freezing falling as low as -20 Celsius (4 degrees Fahrenheit).

  • What equipment do I need to hike Toubkal Mount in the winter?

    Crampons Ice ax Sports sunglasses (Cat.3 or 4, 100% UVA/UVB. ) Ski goggles Wool hat Sun hat Buff Thick gloves.

  • Is it safe to trek in Morocco?

    In general, it is safe to trek in Morocco. However, hiking alone can be dangerous. You will need local registered guides' advice to choose the routes and safe camping arrangements.


Climbing Mount Toubkal in 2 days

James N – Feb 2022 :

Marrakech Desert Trips staff and trek hosts prepared us for what turned out to be quite an endurance challenge! They generously lent us or assisted us in renting the correct mountain gear at affordable costs when we arrived without it. The drive up to the refuge was scenic, and we were well informed on the natural and cultural features along the way. Despite a 3:30 a.m. wake-up call, the early start to climb the peak was well-managed: we were the first to Toubkal summit, got great views, and were assisted at every step of the way by our guide Hamid. Overall, a fantastic experience.

Fantastic 2 days Toubkal hike

Renee E – Nov 2021:

It was a fantastic experience, and I would highly suggest it. Do not, however, underestimate the length of the trek or the terrain; it is a long hike. I was surprised with how kind everyone was all the way up and down the mountain. Our guide Aziz looked after us very well; he tailored to our requirements and guaranteed this was a wonderful experience to us.

excellent Toubkal hike

Martlaa B – May 2021:

We were really fortunate to have Aziz as our guide, since he set a fantastic pace up the mountain. His expertise, abilities, and adaptability made the hike very memorable. Toubkal is a difficult two-day climb, but the delicious lunch break at the temple halfway up and the shelter at base camp made it much easier. At 4000 meters, seeing the dawn was a spectacular, once-in-a-lifetime event. This is a journey that comes highly recommended.

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