Half Day Marrakech Quad Biking & Camel Ride in the Palmeraie

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Enjoy a Half Day Marrakech Camel Ride & Quad Bike tour

Satisfy your hunger for adventure and adrenaline rush on these 3 hours of Marrakech quad biking and camel ride adventure in the palm grove north of Marrakech. First, cross the Palmeraie on the back of your camel under the shade of palm trees. Then, ride quad bikes through a variety of landscapes of the countryside of Marrakech.

Price per person: Days of operation: Number of participants:
49 € Daily 17 Max

Marrakech Quad Biking and Camel Ride Highlights:

  • Enjoy the gentle rhythm of the camel ride exploring the Palmeraie of Marrakech.
  • Treat yourself to a cup of Mint tea with the Berbers.
  • Test your adrenaline rush riding your quad bike over Marrakech rock desert.
  • Learn about the rich fauna and flora around Marrakech.

Marrakech Quad Bike and Camel Riding Tour Itinerary:

Day 1: Marrakech - Palmeraie

After a short 20-minute drive from Marrakech city center to the palm grove, get ready to meet your camel caravan for an hour gentle drive.
Take advantage of the rhythmic motion your camel makes to take plenty of photos to commemorate this unique adventure; no visit to Marrakech is complete without.
Treat yourself to a cup of mint tea under the shade of the palm trees before you get ready for your next adventure on a fully automatic quad bike. After quick safety instructions, enjoy your quad bike ride crossing dry rivers ad rugged terrains past Berber villages with an expert tour guide. Transfer back to Marrakech at the end of your 90 minutes quad bike ride.

Your Marrakech quad biking and camel tour will come to an end with a drop off at your hotel or the nearest car-accessible point to your riad.

(30 min Drive)

What is included in this Marrakech quad biking & camel ride activity:

Pick up and drop off at your hotel or the nearest accessible point to your riad.

1 hour camel ride.

2 hours quad bike ride.

Safety gear for the quad bikes ( goggles and helmet ).

Mint tea.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do i need a license to drive a quad bike in Morocco?

    You don’t need a driver's license to ride a quad bike in Morocco. However, a disclaimer needs to be filled out and signed.

  • What is the legal age to ride a quad bike in Morocco?

    The legal age to ride a quad bike (All-terrain vehicles, ATVs) in Morocco is 16.

  • What to wear for Marrakech Quad Biking?

    You must wear a helmet, Full protective clothing like full sleeves shirts and pants (avoid shorts), Good boots and gloves for a perfect grip, and Goggles to protect the eyes from dust. Helmet, hood, and goggles are supplied for free during your Marrakech quad biking experience.

  • Can Pregnant ladies ride your Quad Biking tour in Marrakech?

    Our Marrakech quad bikes activity involves a lot of jerky and bouncy movements. Pregnant women should avoid our Marrakech quad biking tours.

  • Is Quad Biking in Marrakech safe?

    Although you will be asked to sign a disclaimer against damage and personal injury, it is just a formality. If you wear your full gear, the chances of injury are nearly zero.

  • Is riding a camel is comfortable?

    You may feel uncomfortable if you ride the camel for the first time, but it is not that difficult to learn. You will pick up the skill pretty quickly.

  • What do i wear for the camel ride?

    Be sure to wear full and loose clothes on your camel ride, especially in the desert. If you want to wear shorts, long shorts are recommended. Hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and comfortable shoes are also advised to make your camel ride more comfortable.

  • Can children ride camels in the Palmeraie?

    Children can ride camels in the Palmeraie. Children under 12 are highly advised to ride camels with an adult.

  • How many persons can ride a camel at a time?

    Usually, one adult and a child can ride a camel comfortably. BUT, on rare occasions, two adults can ride a camel at a time, depending on their gross weight. An average adult camel can carry 150Kg (330lbs) comfortably.

  • Is there any time limit of riding a Camel?

    There is no time limit to riding a camel. Camels can travel all day carrying heavy weight. However, the camel ride is mainly bumpy, and an average person would resist up to an hour camel ride. Above that, it will be a little painful.

  • Are camels friendly?

    Camels are social and usually do not attack humans. You can ride on it without any fear. But if you force it to do something then it can retaliate and can cause you harm.


Best Marrakech adventure activity

Dawn. S – Mar 2022:

The minibus was new and quiet clean. The drivers were really courteous and dropped us off first to the quad bike base, which was incredible. We did have to follow the path, so it's not for freestylers, but it was fantastic. The camel ride that followed was amazing; the camel guides, as well as the names of the camels ( they amazingly choose a name for every camel ), are both humorous. Getting dressed in traditional blue robes and turbans was a lot of fun. The experience was then concluded with a refreshing mint tea, followed by the drop-off in our riad, which was all in all well worth it.

Quad biking and camel riding Marrakech excursion

Zareen. F – Nov 2020:

I was a little hesitant about booking this excursion because I had never heard of the Marrakech Desert Trips before, but there was no need to be concerned. The entire experience was fantastic; they promptly confirmed my reservation and notified me of the time they would pick us up from our hotel. We were picked up on schedule, and on the way, we picked up other clients who were also going on the tour. The camel ride was fantastic, and I thoroughly loved strolling around the palm grove. As we travelled, our tour guide was both fun and informative, pointing out various locations. He also crafted gorgeous presents for us all out of palm tree leaves. It was wonderful to see the Berbers and have the lovely women welcome us into her home for excellent mint tea and crepes (please remember to tip her). Quad riding was a lot of fun, and it was a perfect way to close the trip. We had a terrific day overall, and it was undoubtedly a highlight of our trip to Moroco. I strongly advise EVERYONE to use it.

Well panned Quad bikes and camel trek trek tour

Kimona. R – Sep 2019:

This was something my partner and I did on our second day, and it was well worth it! We were picked up at our hotel at 9 a.m., followed by a couple additional pick-ups before heading off. We were immediately brought to the quads after exiting the vehicle. We were the only ones there, along with two other young girls and the guide. He gave us a quick briefing (literally on the quad), cranked my engine, and we were gone. We were also able to make a photo stop! When we returned, we immediately proceeded to receive our camel attire and joined a bigger group for the trip. We stopped at a local Berber house for some tea and crepes as well as a break from the sun before resuming our journey. The men are quite accommodating, taking our phones and cameras to take pictures for us. Time flies by, yet I believe our journey is long enough. We had a great time, and because it was just half a day, we still got the afternoon to ourselves.

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