Marrakech Sunset Camel Ride In Agafay Desert

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Exclusive Sunset Camel Trek in Agafay Desert

If you can only spare half a day to experience the long-talked-about sunset camel ride in Marrakech desert, this is the opportunity to seize while in the red city. This experience takes place in Agafay Desert, located just 45 minutes drive southeast of Marrakech. Agafay is a stony desert with splendid views of sand dunes-like hills, which will allow you to enjoy a dramatic sunset view while sipping a cup of mint tea.

Agafay Desert Sunset Camel Ride Experience Highlights:

  • Cross Agafay desert on the back of a camel.
  • Dress like nomads in a blue facial scarf and robe.
  • Climb to a view point to enjoy the sun setting over the horizon.
  • Taste a cup of mint tea in an authentic cosy setting.
  • Take amazing photos of your party riding camels with sunset as a backdrop.

This is the itinerary of the Sunset Camel Ride in Agafay Desert:

Day 1: Marrakech - Agafay Desert

Meet your driver at your hotel/riad and start a 45 minutes southwest of Marrakech across olive and orange farms to Agafay desert.
Upon arrival, meet your camel caravan and get dressed like a nomad in a blue robe and a head scarf. After taking some photos with the new outfit, and getting introduced to your camel, start an hour camel ride across the fantastic landscapes of the arid terrain, which might contain green vegetation during a rainy spring season, but the views of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains in the horizon is splendid.
Just in time for sunset, make your way to a high plateau where you will enjoy a cup of mint tea while watching the color-changing sunset on the horizon.
Before it gets dark, join your driver back to Marrakech for a drop-off at your hotel/riad or a location in the city center.

(2 Hours Drive)

Marrakech Desert Sunset Camel Ride Prices:

Number of Participants: 1 2 3 4 5 6-7 8-10 12-14 15-17
Price per person: 125€ 75€ 65€ 55€ 49€ 45€ 39€ 35€ 29€
Number of Participants: Price per person:
1 125€
2 75€
3 65€
4 55€
5 49€
6-7 45€
8-10 39€
12-14 35€
15-17 29€

What is included in this Agafay Desert Sunset camel Ride:

A/C modern 4×4 or van driven by an English speaking driver/guide.

Pick up from your Marrakech hotel or Riad.

Agafay desert sightseeing.

1 hour sunset camel ride.

Mint tea in a Bedouin tent watching sunset in Agafay desert.

Drop off at your Marrakech hotel / Riad.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are there any sand dunes in Agafay Desert?

    Agafay Desert is a plain rock desert with dunes-like hills; there are no sand dunes in Agafay desert

  • Is riding a camel is comfortable?

    You may feel uncomfortable if you ride the camel for the first time, but it is not that difficult to learn. You will pick up the skill pretty quickly.

  • How many persons can ride a camel at a time?

    Usually, one adult and a child can ride a camel comfortably. BUT, on rare occasions, two adults can ride a camel at a time, depending on their gross weight. An average adult camel can carry 150Kg (330lbs) comfortably.

  • Is there any time limit of riding a Camel?

    There is no time limit to riding a camel. Camels can travel all day carrying heavy weight. The camel ride is mainly bumpy, and an average person would resist up to an hour camel ride. Above that, it will be a little painful.

  • Is there any dress code for riding a Camel in Marrakech?

    During your Marrakech camel ride, dress comfortably; shorts and skirts are not recommended to avoid skin contact with the camel skin and saddles. In hot temperatures, sunscreen, sunglasses, and bottles of fresh water are highly advisable. Your camel operator will offer you traditional Touareg clothes to wear during your camel ride (Blue scarf and robes).

  • How far is Agafay desert from Marrakech?

    Agafay Desert is 40km from Marrakech Via R 212.It can take up to 40 minutes to reach.

  • What to do in Agafay Desert?

    In Agafay desert, you can enjoy the sunset, do quad biking and Camel riding, see the Berber villages and experience their lifestyle firsthand.

  • What is the Difference between Agafay and Sahara Desert?

    It is often considered an alternative to the Sahara Desert because you can explore the Agafay Desert in One day, but you need a minimum of 3 days for the Sahara. Also, Agafay is not Sandy-like Sahara. Instead, it is Rockier and more barren, but you may find white Sand dunes-like hills which may remind you of the Sahara Desert.

  • How long is Agafay desert sunset camel ride?

    You can spend up to an hour riding your camel in Agafay desert while enjoying the sunset.


Afternoon sunset camel ride tour in Agafay Desert

Rachel N – Nov 2021:

We had an afternoon day trip to the Agafay desert with our wonderful guide Brahim, who picked us up on time with his Toyota land cruiser. After 45 minutes ride, we arrived in the Agafay desert ( Not sand but rocky terrain ). The sunset camel ride was enjoyable but bumpy. The local guys served us some tea under nomads tents. They also sang for us! It was a great afternoon and highly recommended.

Best sunset camel ride around Marrakech

Molly C – Dec 2020:

We had a fantastic time. An amazing setting in Agafay's desert. Everything went as planned, with a particular thanks to Ahmed, our guide, who made the trip even lovelier.

Fun camel ride in Agafay with a splendid sunset view

Alan N – Apr 2021:

The camel ride was a lot of fun. The animals are a little agitated, but you relax comfortably and enjoy the dusk light as you journey in the caravan. In the Bedouin tent, there is still tea and music being played towards the conclusion. Everything was in a cheerful mood, and the guides were fantastic. They shot photographs with all of their phones from various angles.

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