Merzouga Deluxe Desert Camp

At the Merzouga Desert, the Grand and Majestic Erg-Chebbi, we offer a luxurious camp just for you, with full respect for the territory that welcomes us and which saw us being born.

Inside the camp, you will find a space of tranquility as you have often dreamed of.

Hospitality is typical of the Berber tradition, which is reflected in the smallest details: inlaid wooden furniture, Berber handcrafted fabrics, luxurious and comfortable leather beds, private bathroom and shower with hot water, an indoor relaxation area, parquet, windows with screens to change the air in the rooms.

The camp is arranged in a rectangle, the tents are well spaced.

In the extremity of the camp, the evening meeting point, where comfortably seated on colored beanbags, we will be around the fire, singing and exchanging thoughts and words.

The restaurant offers typical Moroccan cuisine.

Sunrise and sunset will not be the same as in other places in the world, they will have something special.

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