why choose us

You will be overwhelmed with the wide choice of desert tours being offered in the cyber space by ‘’tour companies’’ in Marrakech, and the Sahara desert. Some rely on Tripadvisor reviews, others on prices for their choice of a tour company to arrange their Morocco desert tour.

Only very few take in consideration whether the tour company is a licensed one or not. Whether it issues you a voucher and a receipt, whether it accepts online payments via your credit cards or Paypal, whether it has a physical address clearly indicated in their website and email communication, whether it has a landline (not just a mobile phone which starts with a +212 6………), etc………..

Make no mistake about it, most of the ‘’ tour companies ‘’ selling tours and excursions on the internet are operating illegally, and only if something goes wrong you will realize what is the difference between a licensed tour company and driver who owns a minibus or 4X4 and sells tours online.

When it comes to desert tours prices, you might find our desert tours prices 5 or 10 euros higher, the reason is we have a physical office with sales, accounting, and assistance staff, as well as a liability insurance coverage, and further more, we pay our taxes.

The choice of a tour company for your shared or private Morocco desert tour can make or break your experience, and please do not let 5 or 10 euros ruin your Morocco desert experience.

Licensed & bonded tour operator :

‘’ Marrakech Desert Trips ‘’ is a brand of a licensed and fully bonded Moroccan travel company under the Moroccan tourism authority license number: 46P/17.

We have the knowledge and expertise of a Moroccan incoming tour operator to help you organize your Morocco desert tours, excursions and day trips from Marrakech and get the best out of your desert experience. All of that, with absolute peace of mind thanks to our Tour operator liability insurance and financial protection of a licensed Moroccan tour operator.

Satisfaction guaranteed :

Marrakech Desert Trips offers two types of Morocco desert tours: private and shared, both follow strict guidelines set by our mother company EXTRA MILE.
All our vehicles are air-conditioned and in perfect conditions. Our drivers do speak English and French; some of them speak Spanish as well. They all know the Sahara desert pretty well, and have the needed connections to open some never opened doors for you when interested.
Our drivers and guides will not take you into their ‘‘cousins’’ shops and will not make unnecessary stops if not interested. Once in Morocco, you will have access to your travel expert’s 24 hours assistance number for any required assistance.
Sit back, relax, and enjoy your Morocco desert tour !

Best price guarantee :

Our tours and excursions prices are the best available in the market by a licensed Moroccan travel company that operates Morocco desert tours within the local regulations. Should find a better price offered by a local tour operator, with the same quality, we guarantee to refund the difference.